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Explore hundreds of colleges with baseball programs in one easy-to-access platform. Access roster insights, coaching info, performance data, along with admissions, costs, and student body details. 

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Why use TeamFacts during your college search?

Aspiring college baseball players across the country use our website to power their college research, ultimately helping them find their perfect match. With about 1,000 four-year colleges with baseball programs in our database, we’ve created a one-stop shop for all of your college search needs.

Institution Data

With data from the U.S. Department of Education, our institution profiles contain verified academic, admissions, finance, and student life data for every NCAA institution.

Baseball Program Data

Along with institution specific data, our tool provides a rigorous analysis for colleges with baseball programs. By analyzing several years worth of roster data, we’re able to share helpful information such as freshman retention rate, redshirting tendencies, open positions, and much more.

Complete Research Tool

By providing aspiring athletes and their families with both institution and athletic specific data, TeamFacts has become a one stop shop for college research. The tool is completely free, and user friendly, allowing players and parents to quickly find the colleges with baseball programs that are a perfect fit.

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