About TeamFacts

Learn about our mission and what drives us to assist players throughout their college baseball search.

What We Do

We assist high school baseball players throughout their college baseball search by providing them with data for every NCAA baseball program. The information is generated from our innovative roster and statistical analytics, which allow us to evaluate college baseball programs across several key metrics.

Our database is an excellent tool to help players get a better feel for a program and will assist them in finding a team that is a perfect fit. This tool can be used at every step of the recruiting process; from the beginning stages when players are targeting schools of interest, to the final stages when recruits are deciding between a couple of schools. 

Why We Do It

For student athletes, college should be an invigorating experience, challenging them both on and off the field. Unfortunately, we continue to see a high percentage of student athletes that aren’t happy with the schools they land at, and we feel that in most situations, this can be avoided by making smarter, more informed decisions during the recruiting process. The biggest challenges we’ve seen with the recruiting process all stem from a lack of reliable information. 

There are several resources that assess the academic characteristics of a college, but recruits rarely have the opportunity to get accurate information about the athletic side. We have experienced the recruiting process from several perspectives and recognize the importance of data. With a reliable source of information, we strongly believe that aspiring college baseball players will be more prepared at every step of the recruiting process.