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Our tool simplifies the college baseball research process by providing players with data for every NCAA baseball program. With a reliable source of information, players will not only increase their chances of playing at the collegiate level, but also make their college decisions with confidence. Our versatile tool is built to assist any type of player at every step of the way.

TeamFacts Recruiting Tool Features

Search Schools

Filter, sort, and search functionality allows players to quickly narrow down their search results.

Table View

The schools that meet the criteria are presented in a table view, which is broken out by state, division, and conference.

Key Metrics

12 key metrics are displayed through intuitive charts and graphs, allowing players to compare multiple schools.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive design for easy viewing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Program Specific Pages

Program specific detail pages are available for each program, which presents the data in a user friendly and comprehensive layout.

Data You Can Trust

Pulled directly from roster postings, players can trust our data throughout the college baseball recruiting process

Every NCAA Program

Our database contains information for every NCAA baseball program across all divisions.

Instant Access

Simple sign up process and instant online access upon completion

Database Metrics

Players Graduating by Position

Incoming Tranfers

Players by State

Roster Size

Current Position Depth


Height by Position

Depth by Handedness

Retention Rate

Program Performance

Players Academic Majors

Recruiting Coordinator Contact Info

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