How It Works

Our database tool can be mastered in minutes. The video below will get you on your way.

TeamFacts Tool Quick Guide

With over 900 NCAA baseball programs, our tool makes finding schools simple and easy. Functionality allows players to search for individual schools. Players can also do a broad search by filtering at the state, division, and conference level.

Once players have set their criteria, the results will populate in the table and charts below. The table view contains the basic program details including state, division, conference, and sub conference information.

The chart section contains the key metrics, which assess the core components of a baseball program. Check out the metrics tab for a full list of the data points that are found within this section. The charts provide an intuitive layout and allow players to compare multiple schools of interest. Hovering over the individual chart components will display the detailed information.

By clicking ‘more details’ in the table section, players will be taken to a program specific detail page that contains a comprehensive view of the baseball program.