How It Works

Our database tool can be mastered in minutes. The videos below will get you on your way.

Filtering Features

To effectively use our tool, you will need to understand the different filtering capabilities. They’re simple to learn and are extremely intuitive. This will allow you to quickly narrow down your search, based off of your preferences and parameters that you set. The filtering functionality can be found at the bottom of the table.


While we have laid out a few examples below, you can tailor this to essentially any situation or player type. In both of these scenarios, you will see how quickly players can narrow down their college baseball search by simply filtering out the schools that are not a good fit. The TeamFacts Premium level was used for these scenarios, which contains current data for every NCAA baseball program.


Scenario #1

  • States Interested In: North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Division: DI or DII
  • Current High School Class: Senior
  • Position: Catcher

Scenario #2

  • States Interested In: Any
  • Division: DI
  • Current High School Class: Junior
  • Position: Pitcher
  • Roster Preference: Smaller Roster
  • Other: A limited amount of incoming transfers