NCAA Baseball Recruiting Calendar

NCAA Baseball Recruiting Calendar

Baseball recruiting calendars are put in place to ensure that schools across the NCAA are on an level playing field, while promoting the well being of student-athletes. It essentially governs the timeline for when recruiting can occur, the parties that can be involved, and the type of recruiting activities that can be conducted. There are a variety of factors that give some schools an unfair advantage from a recruiting standpoint. Some of these include budget, geographic location, and recruiting capabilities. Although it’s not perfect, the recruiting calendar is one of the levers that the NCAA has put in place to make sure that baseball programs have equal recruiting opportunities.

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Baseball Recruiting Broken out by Period

If you’re not familiar with what a dead period is, it’s a time during the recruiting calendar where coaches can not have in person contact with prospective college baseball players or parents. This also limits a coach’s ability to watch players compete in games. During this period they can still communicate with players but only through phone conversations or writing. There are two other types of ‘periods’ that make up the recruiting calendar for DI baseball programs.

The quiet period runs from mid October through the end of February, along with a few weeks in August and September. During the quiet period, a coach can have in person contact with a prospective player or parent, but it must occur on campus. The only way a coach may watch a player compete is if the competition occurs on the university campus. During the quiet period, programs tend to hold clinics and camps, so that they can still recruit players face-to-face, while abiding by the recruiting rules. Coaches are still able communicate with players through phone or writing during this time.

The last one is the contact period, which is where coaches are not restricted with their recruiting activities. Coaches can have face-to-face visits with players, observe competition at high schools, and communicate with players through phone or writing. A majority of the contact period runs from the start of March through mid-August, which has been mostly lost due to the COVID-19 recruiting restrictions.

2019 -20 DI NCAA Baseball Recruiting Calendar

Green: Contact Period
Tan: Quiet Period
Red: Dead Period

*The calendar below is not reflective of the dead period that was implemented starting mid March. With the NCAA’s recent announcement, the dead period has been extended through July 31st.

Baseball Recruiting Dead Period

2019-20 DII NCAA Baseball Recruiting Calendar

Outside of extraordinary circumstances, Division II does not impose any dead or quiet periods for baseball and generally treats everything as a contact period. Having said this, with the current COVID-19 situation, a dead period was imposed through May 31st. Differing from the decision made by DI, DII recently made an announcement that they plan to move to a quiet period for the month of June, which would allow coaches to have face-to-face contact with college bound players, only while on campus. With this decision, it allows programs to hold clinics and camps that are held on campus, and conduct in person recruiting through those channels. Programs would still have to abide by local and state restrictions that are in place.