NCAA D1 Baseball Schools

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Things to consider about D1 Baseball Schools

D1 baseball schools contain the highest level of talent at the collegiate level. These players compete against other highly recruited individuals coming out of high school, which creates for a competitive and entertaining experience. It also means that these players have the highest level of exposure to professional scouts and also have the highest probability of playing at the next level. The numbers show it.

In 2019, there were 1,217 picks in the MLB draft, 791 of which were players from NCAA institutions. Of those 791 NCAA picks, 686 came from D1 baseball schools. Additionally, about 29% of draft eligible DI baseball players were selected in the 2019 MLB draft. If you’re a player who has an opportunity to play at the Division I level, you have to be thinking to yourself, those odds aren’t terrible.

Players will typically see a larger number of opportunities for scholarships, due to higher levels of funding. D1 baseball schools generally benefit from larger budgets, which stem from donor contributions, ticket revenue, and revenue from other money generating sports. As a result, a player will enjoy high quality facilities, equipment, and travel experiences.

There is a lot of disparity within the division though. Not all DI programs will provide the experience that you would get from the LSU’s or Vanderbilt’s. It’s important to do your research during the college baseball search, so you are aligned with the experience you will get from the school you pick.

There is a price to pay though. Division I baseball is a huge commitment throughout the entire year, which must be balanced with a student’s academic duties. It’s also treated like a business in many schools, so under performing may not only mean less playing time, but also getting cut entirely from the program.