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Recruiting Edge Baseball Review

College baseball recruitment can be a very challenging process. To ensure that student-athletes are making the right decisions during this important time, many families decide to hire recruiting services like Recruiting Edge Baseball. With expertise in the area, these services provide guidance and ensure that their clients have the best odds of playing baseball at the collegiate level.

What makes Recruiting Edge Baseball unique is that they are very hands on with their advisement approach. Players and families receive a one-on-one level of attention throughout the entire recruiting process. Every player’s situation is unique, so this approach has proven to be very effective.

In eight years of operation, REB has helped 219 players achieve their dreams of competing at the collegiate level, including 15 players that went on to play professional baseball. REB mainly supports high school baseball players in the northeast region, but has the ability to place players at colleges across the country.

Ryan Leahy, the founder of Recruiting Edge Baseball, has the perfect background and experience needed to operate an effective baseball recruiting service. As a former college baseball player, professional player, college coach and recruiter, Leahy brings a wealth of knowledge from a variety of perspectives.

Recruiting Edge Baseball Offerings

Recruiting Edge Baseball is a full service solution that assists players with every aspect of the recruiting process. Due to the complex nature of recruitment, it requires a range of efforts, spanning from skill development to scheduling exposure building events. Some of REB’s core offerings include:

  • Highlight videos that are professionally edited to effectively showcase a player’s abilities
  • Written evaluations that are widely recognized as credible player summaries by college coaches across the country
  • Workouts to assess a player’s athletic abilities and to formulate a skill development strategy, which includes a strength and agility component
  • College level projections which allow players to target appropriate colleges from an academic and athletic standpoint
  • Academic evaluations and other time management and goal setting guidance
  • Personalized plan to build exposure to college coaches through highlight videos, showcases, college camps, and other exposure events.

Along with the items mentioned above, the recruiting consultation service that REB offers includes additional recruiting and parental guidance. This provides prospective college baseball players and their families with additional support for:

  • Communications with coaches
  • College visits
  • Offers and scholarships
  • School selection process
  • Registration with the NCAA eligibility center
  • Financial aid planning

Additional Information

It’s also worth noting that REB doesn’t accept every player into their consultation program, which is actually pretty commendable. With this policy, every player in their program has a realistic chance of playing at the next level. Other recruiting services would likely take the money, even if a player doesn’t have a projectable college baseball skill set.

In addition to the recruiting consultation services, Recruiting Edge Baseball also holds hitting lessons and organizes scout teams. These teams consist of the top high school baseball players in the northeast region. Several college coaches and professional scouts attend the scout team workouts, which provides players with great opportunities to build exposure.

As a prospective college baseball player, you have several recruiting service options. Some of the larger organizations service players across the country for all sports. While these larger organizations may have more advanced tools and recruiting software, they typically lack a personalized, one-on-one level of support that REB provides their players.

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