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Graduating Players in 2020 by Position

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Graduating Players in 2021 by Position

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Current Position Depth

[wpdatachart id=24]

Roster Size

[wpdatachart id=25]

Incoming Transfers on Roster

[wpdatachart id=26]

Redshirts on Roster

[wpdatachart id=27]

Freshman Retention Rate (%)

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Graduating Position Players in 2020 by Batting Side

[wpdatachart id=29]

Graduating Position Players in 2021 by Batting Side

[wpdatachart id=30]

Current Position Depth by Batting Side

[wpdatachart id=31]

Graduating Pitchers in 2020 by Throwing Arm

[wpdatachart id=32]

Graduating Pitchers in 2021 by Throwing Arm

[wpdatachart id=33]

Current Pitcher Depth by Throwing Arm

[wpdatachart id=34]

2020 Height by Position (Inches)

[wpdatachart id=35]

2019 Height by Position (Inches)

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