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Baseball Factory Review

In an effort to inform our readers, we review a variety of organizations that assist with college placement. In this post we’ll provide a thorough breakdown of Baseball Factory. Prospective college baseball players have several options when it comes to showcases, tournaments, and other exposure building events. Before making any decisions, players and parents should familiarize themselves with the organization and the services that are offered. By doing so, they can ensure they will get the most value for their money and have the most success navigating the college baseball recruiting process.

Baseball Factory is a player development focused organization, dedicated to helping players achieve their goals both on and off the field. The organization prides itself on its preliminary player evaluations, before placing players in their network of developmental programs. They also stress quality over quantity, especially when it comes to attending showcases and tournaments.

Player development and college placement at Baseball Factory is achieved through a variety of different methods. Some of these include professional evaluations, fully edited player evaluations, top notch instruction from professionals, and highly competitive tournaments. Through these methods, thousands of players have continued their baseball success at the collegiate level.

The Journey of Baseball Factory

Baseball Factory was founded in 1994, setting out to specifically advise and educate players about the college baseball recruiting process. They’ve expanded quite a bit and their offerings now span across every aspect of amateur baseball, from position-specific instruction to player evaluations.

Acquisitions also played a key role in the history. Most notable was the acquisition of Team One Baseball in 2004, which further improved their ability to organize and successfully execute high quality showcase events. Through this strategic move, Baseball Factory unlocked an ability to provide their players with top notch instruction and more importantly higher levels of exposure to college coaches. It is not uncommon for over 100 college coaches to attend a Baseball Factory event.

That takes us to where we are today. Baseball Factory has expanded to a national operation, providing their players with the best instruction, tournament competition and college planning/promotion services. Their primary goal is to have players land at a school that is the perfect fit for them athletically and academically. While there are a few well known organizations in the college placement space, Baseball Factory is often recognized as the leader.

Reputation Proved by The Numbers

In 26 years of business, Baseball Factory has assisted 100,000 high school players achieve their dream of playing college baseball. Of these 100,000 success stories, they’ve also helped these players secure over $1 billion in scholarship money. Additionally, over 5,000 Baseball Factory players have been selected in the MLB draft, 600 of which have gone on to play at the highest level. Some of these players include Alex Bregman, Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, and Josh Donaldson. Looking at these statistics and player success stories, it’s pretty clear that Baseball Factory is an extremely effective and reputable organization.

Under Armour Baseball Factory National Tryout Tour Event

A player’s first step with Baseball Factory is attending a National Tryout Tour Event. As the name suggests, these events are held throughout the country during the whole year. A full list of the events, along with dates and locations, can be found on their website. Here’s what you can expect from one of these events:

  • Baseball Factory t-shirt
  • Learn what scouts will evaluate during the workout so you can perform at the highest level
  • Session about navigating the recruiting process and increasing exposure to college coaches
  • Head shot for the player profile page
  • Advanced testing which evaluates speed, quickness, strength, and agility
  • 60 yard dash time
  • Throwing velocity measured by a radar gun
  • Defensive/pitching skills evaluation
  • Offensive evaluation

Once a player has been evaluated, in the following weeks, they will be placed in a development program that aligns with their skill set. Players will move throughout the development system as they progress.

National Tryout Pricing

  • Bronze (Tryout + Evaluation) – $129 for 1 position + hitting or $199 for 2 positions + hitting
  • Silver (Tryout + Evaluation + College Prep Program) – $399 for 1 position + hitting or $499 for 2 positions + hitting
  • Gold (Tryout + Evaluation + Accelerated College Prep Program) – $699 includes 2 positions + hitting

Player Profile Page

The Baseball Factory player profile is also a core component of attending a National Tryout Tour event. Every player will receive a web based profile that houses all of their information from the event. This is a great tool to build exposure to college baseball programs. This profile is hosted online, which allows players to easily share with college coaches. All of the data is verified by Baseball Factory scouts, so a coach can trust the data that is contained within the profile.

Based on the player’s level of performance at the event, he may also be featured as a Baseball Factory top player. As a top player, the profile would be visible to hundreds of college coaches and scouts. We’ve provided a screen shot of an example player profile below, which should give you a pretty good feel for the evaluation data that is collected at the event, and how that is presented in the profile.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty evident that Baseball Factory is a reputable organization and is extremely effective in placing their players at college baseball programs. Through professional evaluations, fully edited player evaluations, top notch instruction from professionals, and highly competitive tournaments, they are able to provide one of the best overall experiences in the industry. As a player or parent, it’s also nice to know this organization has a clear preference for quality over quantity, which should get you more value for your money in the long run.

We’ll be reviewing several other college placement and player development organizations in the coming weeks, so be sure to check out our blog for additional posts.