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TeamFacts College Baseball Search Tool

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The schools that appear in your search also have the data broken out in the charts below.

Graduating Players in 2020

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Graduating Players in 2021

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Current Position Depth

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Roster Size

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Incoming Transfers on Roster

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Redshirts on Roster

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Click ‘more details’ in the table to navigate to the program’s detail page (example below)

College Baseball Recruiting


College Baseball Recruiting Made Easy

Any high school baseball player that is interested in playing at the collegiate level will benefit from our tool.  It’s built to serve every type of player and provide guidance at every step of the college baseball recruiting process; from the initial research process, to the final stages when players are deciding between a few schools. With a reliable source of information, players will be more prepared throughout the college baseball search.


Database Metrics

Players Graduating by Position

Incoming Tranfers

Players by State

Roster Size

Current Position Depth


Height by Position

Depth by Handedness

Retention Rate

Program Performance

Players Academic Majors

Recruiting Coordinator Contact Info

Why Players Across The Country Use Our Tool

Increase Exposure to Coaches, The Right Way

With the massive amount of exposure scouting networks offer, it can pull players away from the principle of being laser focused throughout the recruiting process. The harsh reality is that a lot of schools will be dead ends, for a variety of reasons, ranging from academics to a program’s needs at that point and time. With our tool, you can make the most of your time and increase your chances of working with coaches that will have a high level of interest. 

Narrow Down your Search

Once you have your initial list of schools to pursue, our tool makes it easy to do some fine-tuning, so you can focus on your top picks. Casting a wide net is an effective first step, but at some point in the recruiting process you will need to shift your focus to a smaller group of schools. Quickly find the programs that align with your preferences through metrics such as program performance, roster size, red shirts, incoming transfer and many more.

Find the Perfect Fit

Once you get to the final stages of the recruiting process, recruits tend to have a couple of schools to pick from. This is often the most difficult stage. At this point, you can use the tool to compare and contrast the programs, ensuring that you choose the program that is the best fit for you.