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For players that are starting their college baseball search, it’s helpful to have a list of the NCAA institutions that offer baseball as a sport. There are over 1,200 institutions that are members of the NCAA, but only 952 of them have baseball programs. This may seem like a very large number of college baseball teams, with a lot of open roster spot opportunities, but that is far from the truth. Once you factor in the thousands of high school seniors that are pursuing college baseball, the odds diminish very quickly, and the numbers show it.

Based off of figures that the NCAA has posted for 2020, there are currently 121,000 high school senior baseball players. Across all NCAA baseball programs, there are only 9,000 open roster spots on a yearly basis. Based off of these numbers, only about 7% of high school baseball players will have an opportunity to play at the NCAA level directly out of high school. Breaking things down on a divisional level, only 2.2% of high school baseball players will have an opportunity to play Division 1 baseball directly out of high school, 2.3% for Division 2 baseball programs, and 2.9% for Division 3 baseball programs.

Comparing these percentages against other NCAA men’s sports, baseball is in the middle of the pack. Ice hockey and lacrosse have the highest percentage of players moving from high school to the NCAA, trending around 12% on a yearly basis. On the other end of the spectrum we have basketball and wrestling, both of which average around 3%.

As players start to refine their list of schools to pursue, they often realize that out of the 952 NCAA institutions that have baseball programs, less than 50 are actually a good fit for their situation. Some of the components that filter out a lot of schools include academic requirements, available majors, athletic skill level, school location, campus life, and tuition costs. There are a variety of other factors that come into play, but these are often the core components. Of these 50 or so schools remaining, the player will need to find a program that is recruiting for his position. Additionally, the coach needs to show interest in the player after seeing a highlight reel or scouting the player at showcases, college baseball camps, or games. Realizing that several pieces have to align during the recruiting process, players start to understand why only 7% of high school baseball players move on to the NCAA level out of high school.

Through our database tool, we provide high school baseball players with actionable data to simplify their college baseball search. The tool contains key information about every NCAA baseball program, which helps players at every step of the recruiting process. Some of the metrics in the database tool include, players graduating by position, current position depth, freshman retention rate, incoming transfers, redshirts, and many more. Using this tool, players can better navigate the recruiting process and be confident with their college selection.