Prep Baseball Report Review

PBR Baseball Review

There are a few well-known scouting services that are available to players across the country. It’s important for players to familiarize themselves with the organization and understand what they will get with these services. In this article, we’ll review one of the most popular baseball scouting services, PBR Baseball.

Over the past fifteen years, Prep Baseball Report has become one of the largest independent scouting services. You might be familiar with the events and tournaments that PBR operates. Their main focus is providing year-round coverage in the 41 states they operate in. PBR excels in promoting baseball at the amateur level through their well established network of high school, summer, and college coaches.

What makes PBR unique is that there is a clear focus at the state and local level. They do this effectively while still maintaining a strong national presence. As an organization that covers amateur baseball across the United States and Canada, they certainly cover a lot of ground. In addition to staffing 150 scouts, each state also has a scouting director. The director is responsible for overseeing all activities in the specific territory. This infrastructure seems to work very well as each state has established relationships with coaches at every level. As PBR continues to grow, a good balance of coverage at the state and national level remains.

Channels for Player Exposure

PBR generates their amateur baseball coverage through a variety of different channels. Some of these include showcases, tournaments, in person scouting, and daily coverage through their multimedia platform. These channels work together to provide one of the top amateur baseball promotion experiences on the market. For example, a player that attends a PBR event is provided with an online player profile. It contains video footage, performance data, and a write up from a scout at the event. Hundreds of college coaches can view these player profiles for recruiting purposes, in addition to sharing this content through social media.

As an organization that launched as a print magazine in 2005, it’s safe to say that PBR has made the right steps to provide a proper platform for amateur baseball promotion.

Before we dive into a thorough review of Prep Baseball Report, we just wanted to share this helpful college baseball search tool. It is a free resource that contains roster insights, coaching info, recruiting questionnaires, and upcoming camps/clinics for hundreds of four year baseball schools. Now back to Prep Baseball Report!

PBR Baseball Events

Prep Baseball Report events have become really popular over the past few years. Not only are players exposed to college coaches at the physical event, but their exposure continues well after the event. While the number of college coaches attending in person varies by event, there are about 700 college coaches that currently subscribe to PBR Plus. This subscription gives coaches access to the database of player profiles for recruiting purposes. Recruiters can use this incredible tool to further improve and streamline their recruiting efforts. As PBR continues to expand their coverage into new states, the number of college coaches that have access to PBR plus continues to grow.

The best way to get a player profile is to attend a PBR event that has video footage and performance data measurement included. All players that attend the event will receive an online profile. The profile will contain the player’s information, performance statistics, scouting report, video footage, and rankings if applicable. The PBR website hosts the player profile, which coaches within the PBR Plus subscription can access. Typically, PBR updates these profiles within two to three weeks after the player attends an event. Also, players can get a free profile without attending a PBR event, with limitations of course. It won’t include any performance statistics, the scout write up, or video footage.

Price Points

PBR events have a wide range of price points which vary by the event type, a player’s position, and the region where the event is held. Similar to other scouting services and showcases, the price tag is typically not cheap. Having said this, players and parents should rest assured knowing that they will get a quality experience and a lot of value for the price they pay. With PBR’s platform, participants will continue to build their exposure to the network of college coaches, even after the event. We’ve seen a variety of other showcases charge similar price points as PBR. With these showcases though, the value is pretty limited. The players have exposure to the coaches that are attending the event, but once the event ends, so does the exposure. We typically see players getting better results after attending a PBR event, due to the additional benefits their platform offers.

Prep Baseball Report is a reputable organization that you can trust to help build your exposure to college coaches. Thousands of baseball players across the country choose PBR to help them achieve their dreams of playing baseball at the next level. Chances are that PBR is in the area that you live in, so be sure to check out their upcoming events. Similar to this Prep Baseball Report review, we’ll be taking a look at some other well-known scouting services, so be sure to check back in!

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