Top D2 Baseball Schools

TeamFacts 2020 Top D2 Baseball Schools

Through the TeamFacts analytics platform, we were able to identify the top D2 baseball schools. This ranking is generated from team performance data over the past three years. The 2020 season was excluded, being that it was incomplete, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the Division I level, the top tier schools and conferences are much more recognizable due to a much higher level of coverage and visibility. As a result, most members of the baseball community would know that the ACC, SEC, BIG 12, and the PAC 12 are some of the top baseball conferences on a yearly basis.

Division II athletics are a little different though. D2 schools and conferences aren’t nearly as recognizable, especially when players start to consider schools outside of their state.

For example, a majority of players would know that the University of Louisville is one of the top D1 baseball programs in the country. They play in the Atlantic Coast Conference which is not only a top conference for baseball but many other sports as well. On the other hand, Delta State University came in as a top five D2 baseball school. For those who aren’t directly involved in the Division II baseball world, this might be the first time hearing about this school and the Gulf South Conference they play in.

As a prospective college baseball player, it’s important to understand how well a baseball program has performed in the past. This will give you an idea of what performance level you can expect in the future. Should you expect to be competing for conference championships on a yearly basis, or is the program in more of a rebuild mode? These two scenarios would provide for very different experiences as a college baseball player.

With Division II programs often flying under the radar, it’s important for prospective college baseball players to do their research on the program and its history of performance.

In addition to several different rankings, TeamFacts also provides prospective college baseball players with a tool to assist them throughout the college baseball search. This database tool provides key information for every NCAA baseball program. Along with team performance data, the tool also contains players graduating by year/ position, incoming transfer, redshirt, and player retention information. Armed with this data, players can make more informed decisions and build exposure to quality college baseball programs. You can learn more by visiting our database tool information page.

Top D2 Baseball Schools

  1. University of Tampa
  2. UC San Diego
  3. Delta State University
  4. Colorado Mesa University
  5. Mercyhurst University
  6. Southern New Hampshire University
  7. Azusa Pacific University
  8. University of Mount Olive
  9. Nova Southeastern University
  10. West Texas A&M University
  11. North Greenville University
  12. Augustana University
  13. Angelo State University
  14. West Chester University
  15. Catawba College

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