The role of data in recruitment

The Role of Data in Baseball Recruiting

For student athletes, college should be an invigorating experience, challenging them both on and off the field. Unfortunately, we continue to see a high percentage of student athletes that aren’t happy with the schools they land at, and in most situations, this could have been avoided by making smarter, more informed decisions during the recruiting process. This can be achieved by better understanding the role of data throughout the college baseball recruiting process. There are several resources that assess the academic characteristics of a college, but recruits rarely have the opportunity to get accurate information about the athletic side.

As a high school baseball recruit, we receive a lot of information about college baseball programs, but how do we validate that information? The recruiting space tends to be pretty biased, and the components that determine if a program is a “good fit” for a player are typically subjective. Every player is unique, with a specific set of preferences, so while suggestions from teammates, high school coaches, and other peers are helpful, they should be taken with a grain of salt. In addition, college coaches operate in a very competitive environment. Their livelihoods depend on them fielding a winning team on a yearly basis, so we can hardly blame them for making a strong push to get a talented recruit.

So that leaves us with the question, what source of information can we use during the recruiting process to validate information? We offer a tool that assists high school baseball recruits by providing them with data for every NCAA baseball program. The data is generated from innovative roster and statistical analysis, which allows a recruit to fully assess a program based off of several key metrics.

To name a few, some of the metrics include: players graduating by position, playing time by class, current position depth, and past program performance. The unique part about this tool is that it can be used at every step of the recruiting process; from the beginning stages when a player is targeting schools of interest, to the final stages when a recruit is deciding between multiple schools. We have recognized the role of data throughout the college baseball recruiting process, and with it, aspiring college baseball players will be more prepared at every step of the recruiting process. 

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