Baseball Recruiting Red Flags

Baseball Recruiting Red Flags

Sound the alarm! We’ve compiled a list of a few interesting roster stat lines we’ve come across in our database tool. While some of these are easy to see by taking a simple look at a roster posting, others are not. Missing these baseball recruiting red flags could land you at a baseball program where you are set up to fail, and yes, we are speaking from experience.

  • 45 NCAA baseball programs have over 50 players on their 2020 roster.  
  • 29 NCAA baseball programs had less than a 33% freshman retention rate, and 3 programs didn’t have any of their 2019 freshman return in 2020.
  • 18 NCAA baseball programs had more than 15 red shirts on their 2020 roster.
  • 26 NCAA baseball programs had more than 15 new incoming transfers on their 2020 roster.

* These baseball recruiting red flags shouldn’t automatically exclude these programs from your college baseball search, but there are definitely some questions to ask before considering these schools.

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