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Our database contains more than 950 schools, but by utilizing the filter functionality, you can quickly narrow down your search, allowing you to find your perfect program in minutes.

Let’s lay out the following scenario. You…

  • are currently a junior in high school
  • are primarily an outfielder
  • want to play division 2 baseball
  • would like to target schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

​By filtering down to DII schools in PA, NJ, NY, and DE, this narrows your search down to 39 schools. Being the player is a junior outfielder, we also filtered by schools that have more than 2 outfielders graduating in in 2021. As you can see below, you now have 7 schools that you can focus on, which is a much more manageable list of schools to pursue. The beauty of the tool is that it is extremely versatile, and any player can set parameters for their current situation. No matter the situation or desired parameters, the tool gives players an opportunity to find their perfect program in minutes.

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