Florida Burn

Florida Burn – Back-to-Back WWBA World Champions

In 2018 and 2019, the Florida Burn travel baseball organization pulled off a pretty amazing accomplishment. They won back-to-back titles at the Perfect Game WWBA World Championship. As one of the most elite travel baseball tournaments, the winner of this event is recognized as the top amateur baseball team in the country. A single championship at this event is a huge achievement for an organization. Two consecutive titles is almost unheard of and requires a well coached, highly talented team that produces consistent results.

The Florida burn are primarily based out of Sarasota, Florida. The organization was created to give players that reside on the west coast of Florida an opportunity to gain exposure to college coaches and professional scouts. Since its start in 2011, the Florida Burn have had a great deal of success with their tournament performance, college commitments and MLB draft selections.

In 9 years of operation, the program has produced 420 college baseball commits, 60 MLB draft picks, and 60 Perfect Game tournament top 3 finishes. On a yearly basis the organization typically produces 47 college commits and 7 MLB draft selections. It takes some travel baseball organizations several years to produce what the Burn see on a yearly basis. It’s pretty clear that the organization has developed a reputation for excellence, which is why they are recognized as one of the most elite travel baseball programs in the country.

This should not come as a surprise, but a quality baseball program, at any level, starts with a good coaching staff. The players across the Florida Burn organization are supported by a group of coaches that have played at all levels of baseball, including the major leagues, minor leagues, and college. The staff also includes a few nationally recognized high school baseball coaches.

In an effort to further improve their player development capabilities, the Florida Burn recently partnered with Diamond Kinetics and Rhapsodo. With these data/analytics based player development tools, the coaching staff can objectively evaluate players and take a more calculated approach with their player development efforts. Additionally, the metrics and data points that these tools provide have become a common language among college coaches and professional scouts. Having this verified data on hand can help a player throughout the recruiting process and college baseball search.

Not only is Florida Burn’s coaching staff hands on with player development, but they also assists players with college recruitment and the MLB draft process. As mentioned before, hundreds of Florida Burn players have gone on to play college baseball and over 50 have been selected in the MLB draft, so the coaching staff is well versed in both areas.

The Florida Burn operates travel teams for a variety of age ranges, starting at 12U all the way through 18U. According to the Perfect Game organization profile, the Burn operated a total of 24 teams in 2020. As with most travel baseball organizations, players have to attend a tryout to potentially join the team.