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Dallas Tigers – 15 National Championships

If you follow amateur baseball in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you’ve probably heard of the Dallas Tigers. They’ve become one of the top travel baseball organizations in Texas and have even earned national recognition from the top scouting organizations. Building an elite travel baseball program doesn’t happen overnight though. Through years of dedication to amateur baseball, their network of teams now contain some of the most highly sought after college and MLB draft prospects in Texas.

The Dallas Tigers started as a single 11U baseball team back in 1993, under the helm of Tommy Hernandez. Tommy is still hands on within the organization, and while he currently sits as the chairman, he is still very much involved with the coaching operations. Tommy brings a wealth of baseball knowledge from a variety of perspectives, having played at both the collegiate and professional levels, before founding the Dallas Tigers.

Under his leadership, the organization has grown from a single travel baseball team to an organization that operates over 80 teams, spanning across five different regions. Each region contains several teams ranging from 9U to 18U. For the player selection process, a specific region will announce tryout dates and times for the different age groups. The coaches of the various teams will be present at the event, and based off of their evaluations, they will make player selections.

There are often multiple teams within a single age group. For instance, there are 4 15U teams within the Dallas Tigers Central region. These teams are operated by a separate coaching staff and can also vary by talent level, tournament schedules, practice schedules, and overall cost.

The growth the organization has experienced over the years is a result of their commitment to promoting the game of baseball at the amateur level. The Dallas Tigers are able to do this at a high level by providing their players with quality instruction, assembling talented teams, attending highly competitive tournaments, and assisting players with college placement and the MLB draft process. By excelling in all of these areas, the organization has built a positive reputation, which in turn, continues to attract the most talented players in the region.

Over the course of 27 years, the Dallas Tigers have won 15 national titles, ranging from AABC World Championships to Perfect Game National Championships. The organization has also produced impressive results for their alumni:

  • 22 Dallas Stars players have been selected to play for the US National team
  • 150 players have gone on to play at Division I baseball schools
  • 26 alumni have been selected in the MLB draft, several of which were selected in the first round.

The most recent accomplishment that the Dallas Tigers have added to their long list is a 9th overall Perfect Game end of summer ranking within the 17U division. This team has 13 committed players to D1 schools including the University of Texas, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Dallas Baptist, and Vanderbilt.

As mentioned before, Tommy Hernandez is still involved with some of the coaching operations, and this 17U team is one that he coaches. As players progress through the Dallas Tigers program, they move up through the different age divisions. One of the most impressive accomplishments was achieved by their 2005 class. Over the course of their career, that class won 5 national championships at various age divisions.

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