Perfect Game Baseball Review

Perfect Game Baseball Review

Perfect Game is one of the top baseball scouting organizations in the country. They certainly have produced the results to back it up. Over the past 21 years, PG has helped over 13,000 players get drafted. Also, about 1,500 players have reached the MLB level with the help of their exposure events. Some of these players include Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Francisco Lindor. Additionally, Perfect Game helps thousands of players every year achieve their dream of playing college baseball. These statistics are pretty staggering. It points to the fact that they are a reputable organization that get players to the next level, whether it is college or professional baseball.

Perfect Game’s mission is to promote the game of baseball by organizing and executing high quality events that are meaningful to players, families, college coaches, and MLB scouts. Organizations that hold showcase events have to ensure that all stakeholders find value in the event. Perfect Game baseball has done an excellent job at doing exactly that.

By attracting top talent at their events, college coaches know that they can effectively recruit every time they attend a PG event. As a result, the players and families in attendance find value in the experience because they receive a high level of exposure to quality college baseball programs and MLB scouts. PG focuses on featuring top talent at their events, and because of that, they have built a vast network of scouts and coaches that trust their events and scouting recommendations.

Perfect Game Baseball Events

College coaches commonly recognize PG as the top provider of showcase and tournament events in the country. These events serve as excellent opportunities for players to gain exposure. At a Perfect Game showcase, players get exposure at the event itself. They also get exposure through PG’s multi media player promotion platform after the event. Attendees receive scouting reports, performance data, and video footage through their Perfect Game player profile. Check out the full list of upcoming events if you’re interested in attending one of these showcases.

In addition to high level showcases, Perfect Game also organizes tournaments throughout the country for a variety of age ranges. PG prides themselves on running well organized and efficient tournaments that contain the top talent in the region. PGBA governs every tournament to ensure that there is a high standard across all of the events they operate. These tournaments are highlighted by the WWBA World Championship which is held in Jupiter, Florida. It is invite-only and is the most prestigious tournament PG operates, attracting hundreds of college coaches and professional scouts.

Through these events, Perfect Game baseball scouts are able to rank players at the state and national level. The player profile is also accessible from these ranking pages. College coaches and MLB scouts then use these rankings and player profiles to help support their recruiting/scouting efforts.

Player Profile

The Player Profile feature is a core component to Perfect Game’s player promotion platform. College coaches and professional scouts can access hundreds of profiles hosted online once players attend a showcase event. One of the top ranked players in the nation has been provided as an example below. Showcase events, tournaments, and other invite only events represent a majority of the sections in the player profile.

The top section of the profile is essentially a highlight reel of footage from showcases events. This ranges from showcase style workout footage, to actual in game footage. Perfect Game has also partnered with Pocket Radar and Diamond Kinetics to measure exact performance data. This is not only helpful for a player to track their development, but it also assists college coaches and scouts with their evaluations. In addition to the information you see below. the profile also contains several other tabs that show additional scouting reports, statistics, awards, articles, and contact information.

Perfect Game Baseball Profile

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to build exposure to college coaches, you should consider working with Perfect Game. They hold tournament and showcase events throughout the country, so you should be able to find one that is within driving distance. Consistent with most high quality scouting services, Perfect Game won’t be your cheapest option. Having said this, most folks that have worked with Perfect Game will tell you that it will be a good return on your investment. With the money spent, you will be exposing yourself to thousands of highly engaged college recruiters and MLB scouts that trust Perfect Game’s scouting platform. It is a reputable organization that will continue to assist thousands of high school baseball players yearly to achieve their goal of playing college baseball and beyond.

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