NCSA Baseball

NCSA Baseball

There are a variety of services that prospective college baseball players can utilize to assist with their recruiting efforts. The path to playing college baseball can be time consuming and overall, a challenging experience. Choosing a college can be a stressful process, and mixing in a sport certainly makes it more complex. For these reasons, thousands of baseball players trust NCSA to support them with their recruiting efforts. To get started, let’s quickly cover NCSA’s journey in becoming the largest athletic recruiting network in the US.

NCSA recently celebrated 20 years in the recruiting space. Over this time, NCSA has consistently refined its tools to ensure their student-athletes are well equipped to find a school that is a perfect fit academically and athletically. With experienced advisors, recruiting technology, and a vast network of college coaches, NCSA has helped over 100,000 student-athletes with their college commitments. Every industry evolves over time, and the recruiting space is no different. NCSA has been able to adapt to the ever changing recruiting environment, and as a result, continues to provide prospective student-athletes with a world class recruiting experience.

NCSA Baseball Services

The first step with NCSA baseball is having an open and honest conversation with a recruiting advisor. During this discussion, the group will talk about the player’s college goals and overall college experience expectations. By having this conversation, it ensures that everyone is on the same page and they can start their recruiting journey with a common goal in mind. At this point, the advisor will also start to make recommendations, based on what they learn from the player.

Another important piece that NCSA assists with is developing a plan for academic eligibility. This piece is often overlooked by prospective college baseball players and can come back to haunt them later on in the recruiting process. Recruiting advisors will ensure that the players avoid this pitfall and are on a path to unrestricted academic eligibility. Some of the academic eligibility components include NCAA course requirements, GPA, and standardized testing results.

Players will also build an online profile so that they have a digital presence to support their recruiting efforts. Similar to other large scouting networks like Prep Baseball Report and Perfect Game, NCSA sets up their players with web hosted profiles, which is a core piece to their recruiting network. Thousands of college coaches have the ability to view these profiles. The profile contains the player’s information along with skill highlight videos. Through these videos coaches will be able to evaluate players and asses if they might be a good fit for the program. Additionally, players can connect with college coaches through the message center. This feature allows players and parents to easily track and organize all coach contacts.

An NCSA recruiting expert will also evaluate the skills video and provide the player with an NCAA division specific recommendation. One of the biggest pitfalls we see with recruitment is players going after the wrong type of schools. In doing so, players waste a lot of time and money, when they should be targeting their efforts elsewhere. With this information, players can target specific schools where they have a good shot at being recruited.

Another benefit of working with NCSA is that players get access to helpful recruiting tools, including their proprietary Recruit Match Technology. Players set their personal college preferences, and Recruit Match spits out a list of schools that are the best match for their circumstances. Some of the other benefits of working NCSA include camp and showcase planning, standardized testing preparation, official and unofficial visit advice, college application counseling, and college offer evaluations.

The truth of the matter is that every player’s recruiting journey and path to playing college baseball is unique. With NCSA’s set of tools, recruiting resources, expert advisement, and network of coaches, players will be prepared at every step of the recruiting process.             


NCSA is not very transparent on their website when it comes to pricing, and it actually requires a consultation before receiving pricing information. As with most membership organizations there are different levels and price points. Recruiting is not a one size fits all service. While not confirmed by NCSA, the price range for the levels below are reported to range from $500 to $2,000.

NCSA Pricing

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