Perfect Game Showcase

Perfect Game Showcase – Upcoming Events

Prospective college baseball players can increase their exposure to college coaches by attending a Perfect Game showcase event. The technology available today gives the event much more value than just the showcase itself. The exposure to college coaches and scouts extend well beyond the actual event. Most of the value comes from Perfect Game inputting the player’s information into their player promotion engine. Perfect Game and other scouting organizations have built a player promotion platform that offers national exposure through their multi-media platform.

College coaches and scouts trust Perfect Game’s evaluations of players, as the data collected at events is accurate and non-biased. As a result, Perfect Game has built an extensive network of college coaches and professional scouts. The organization dedicates their services to these groups and the scouts have years of experience.

Perfect Game Player Promotion

Perfect Game, a top scouting and college placement organization, offers showcase attendees reports, video footage, and performance data collected from their workouts. They store this information in an online player profile database, which is accessible to college coaches and professional scouts on the Perfect Game website, which receives over 200,000 views a day.

The player profile includes generic information about the player, including national and state rankings, performance data from Pocket Radar and Diamond Kinetics, events attended, awards, video footage, articles shared by the PG staff, and contact information for coaches and scouts. The performance data helps with player evaluation and player development.

Perfect Game Showcase Player Profile

Perfect Game promotes players through their social media platform and supplies information to college coaches and scouts. Their main Twitter profiles have 110k followers. Attending events at Perfect Game provides exposure at the national level, promotion on social media, and a chance to be ranked nationally and at the state level. The list of upcoming showcase events is on Perfect Game’s website.

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