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A PBR showcase packs in scouting, technology, and data analysis into a single exposure building event. In their 15 years of business, PBR has set out to provide the most credible scouting and event platform. They’ve been very successful in doing exactly that. PBR helps prospective college baseball players build exposure to baseball programs at the collegiate level, while also assisting college coaches with their scouting and recruiting efforts.

Working with a variety of partners, PBR offers one of the best showcase event experiences. When attending a PBR event, a player will not only benefit from the exposure to college coaches but also from player development data. Some of PBR’s partners include Trackman, Blast Motion, Driveline, and Vizual Edge. These organizations provide players with the best technology and analytic tools to further develop their skill set and improve their chances of playing at the next level. Players also find a lot of value in a PBR event because their coverage and player promotion goes well beyond the actual showcase.

What players get when attending a PBR Showcase

At a PBR event, every attendee will receive a player profile, which is a core component to the PBR player promotion platform. The profile is hosted on the PBR website, which is accessed by hundreds of college coaches and scouts. The profile contains the player’s information along with the following items that are collected/evaluated at the showcase event.

  • Professionally edited video footage of offensive and defensive performance
  • Scouting report
  • Verified performance statistics
  • State and overall ranking, if applicable
Prep Baseball Report Player Profile

PBR also utilizes these events to select players to represent their state at the PBR Future Games. Future Games is the ultimate recruiting event within the PBR organization and can have more than 300 college coaches and professional scouts in attendance.

PBR showcases are so attractive because they provide players with exposure, even after the event. College coaches that can’t attend the event in person can access the PBR database of player profiles to support their recruiting efforts. Players also benefit from post event coverage through PBR’s multimedia channels.

With PBR’s partnerships, players will also receive access to their performance data, to help build their skill set. Through Trackman and Blast Motion, players will be able to view advanced ball tracking and swing metrics. Additionally, with Driveline, players can better understand performance data metrics to identify strengths and improve deficiencies. PBR also houses these data points in the player profile to assist on the recruiting front.

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