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Baseball Factory Under Armour National Tour

A player’s first step when working with Baseball Factory is attending an Under Armour National Tour event. Baseball Factory scouts thoroughly evaluate prospective college baseball players at these events. Once evaluated, these scouts will recommend players for a variety of development opportunities. Baseball Factory prides itself on being an evaluation first organization. This ensures that the development opportunities align with a player’s skill set.

The developmental programs offered include national teams, national training events, regional training events, pre-season tournaments, and Under Armour All-American games. All of these experiences provide players with a high level of instruction and exposure to college coaches. For a full review of the Baseball Factory organization and the services they offer players, check out our Baseball Factory Review post.

What’s included in the Baseball Factory Under Armour Event?

Baseball Factory offers three tiers for these events. While the bronze price point is very affordable, a lot of players choose Silver and Gold due to the higher level of exposure to college coaches and additional recruiting resources they offer.


  • Bronze (Tryout + Evaluation) – $129 for 1 position + hitting or $199 for 2 positions + hitting
  • National Baseball Skills Evaluation.
    • A Baseball Factory scout will provide an evaluation of the player’s 5 tools. Additionally, the player will partake in 11 advanced athletic tests. These evaluations allow players to see how they stack up against other players across the nation.
  • Personal Evaluation Review and Consultation.
    • After completing the event, the player will have an opportunity to meet with a player development coordinator to discuss his performance at the event, answer any recruiting questions, and talk about what the next next steps are from a player development standpoint.
  • College Recruiting Seminar.
    • Players will also have access to a recruiting seminar where they can learn about the ins and outs of the college baseball recruiting process. The seminar will be held by Baseball Factory scouts and development coordinators.
  • Scouted for Future Development Events.
    • Based on the performance level at the event, the player could be selected to compete in elite national events or a variety of other developmental events, which provide a high level of exposure to college coaches and professional scouts.
  • Player Profile Web Page.
    • Every player receives a web based player profile which contains all of their contact information and the athletic measurables that were collected at the event.
  • Chance of being featured as a Top Performer
    • Depending on how well the player performs at the event, he could be selected as a top performer, which is featured on the Baseball Factory website and social channels. A wide network of college coaches view the top performers page, so this gives players additional exposure to college coaches.
  • Under Armour Baseball Factory T-shirt.


  • Silver (Tryout + Evaluation + College Prep Program) – $399 for 1 position + hitting or $499 for 2 positions + hitting
  • Premium National Baseball Skills Evaluation
    • A Baseball Factory scout will provide an evaluation of the player’s 5 tools. Additionally, the player will partake in 20 advanced athletic tests. The player will also receive a report card that shows what percentile they are in for each of the tests.
  • HD Skills Video
    • At the event, the Baseball Factory staff will film the player’s offensive and defensive tools, which is then edited and hosted on the player profile web page.
  • Premium Player Profile Web Page
    • This is the most effective tool for building exposure to college coaches. Premium Player Profiles are accessible to every college coach that is a part of the Baseball Factory network. Players can also email coaches the link to their Premium Player Profile.
  • Recruiting Resources
    • Players will get access to email templates, college coach contact information, and recruiting calendars to further streamline their college baseball search and recruitment.
  • Athletic Testing Chart
    • Through this testing chart, players can track their athletic progress and gauge how effective their at home training program is.


  • Gold (Tryout + Evaluation + Accelerated College Prep Program) – $699 includes 2 positions + hitting
  • College Match Recruiting Program
    • Players can share lists of schools with their development coordinator, who will then provide them with recommendations and feedback.
  • Accelerated College Recruiting Resource Center
    • Get full access to this helpful recruiting resource which provides a comprehensive guide to the recruiting process. Some of the topics include how to get the attention of a college coach, tips when applying to colleges, preparing for recruiting visits and much more.
  • The Secrets of College Recruiting Book
    • Written by the CEO and founder of Baseball Factory, this resource will give players additional insight into increasing their odds of playing at the next level and getting scholarships.
  • Game Footage in the Player Profile
    • In addition to offensive and defensive skills video, the Gold tier allows players to upload game footage to their player profiles.

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